Solving The Problem With Wtsqueryusertoken Error

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    In this article, we will identify some possible causes that might cause the wtsqueryusertoken error and after that, we will provide you with possible solutions that you can try to solve for this problem.

    I have a real windows service that is set to auto when it starts to boot. procedures From start I need to create a process that handles all interactive user tokens. So I get the session id by listing all the sessions and parsing which ones active or via the wtsgetactiveconsolesessionid API. However when running Team Observer [version 14] I get the same same session id in both methods and both training session ids don’t work. Help WTSQueryUserToken with more error 1008.working

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    This is ONLY at system startup. For any other period, even Team works when the Viewer is running. However, there is usually no problem if I start the service manually after the kit is started.

    Please let me know how to get around this problem. Thanks.< /p >

    “Also Here WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId returns the session ID of your current session bound to the correct machine.

    When you connect through a remote computer, you gain session access to(remote computer help. H. Link for non-physical heavy work machine).

    And since some settings may have more than one remote user, there is no API that typically returns * the ID of the remote lesson. You

    assuming the client SKUs are the same with Windows (where most likely only one session is active at a time), your company can enumerate all sessions (using WTSEnumerateSessions). so active find the array in the returned one. “

    However, I found that both Times[enumerate and even wtsqueryusertoken return a session number. , which fails with error 1008]

    MANAGE CProcessManager::GetImpersonationToken()// The following API call cannot get a valid session id regardless of whether the remote desktop/group viewer is running when dwSessionId is runUINT = WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId();Report(WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId "Personal Session ID: %d", dwSessionId);HANDLING hImpersonationToken = NULL;if (!WTSQueryUserToken(dwSessionId, &hImpersonationToken))// errorsError log DWORD = GetLastError();Report(L"Exception in WTSQueryUserToken:%d Continue listing person Session creation!", err);differentReport(L"Returned token:%d", hImpersonationToken);WCHAR* username;DWORD username 0;if = WTSUserName, (wtsquerysessioninformationw(wts_current_server_handle,dwsessionid, &pUserName, &user_name_len))Report(L"Username SessionId: %s:", pUserName);if (username) WTSFreeMemory (username);Returns a ChemicalPersonationToken;//LocalFree(lpszusername);differentError DWORD = GetLastError();Report(L"Exception in WTSQuerySessionInformation:%d! Returning null impersonation token", err);returns NULL;Session ID DWORD = -1;DWORD session_count is 0;WTS_SESSION_INFOA *pSession = NULL;To attemptif (WTSEnumerateSessionsA(WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE, 0, 1, &pSession, &session_count))// Register successdifferent// log errorsreturns NULL;Grab (...sessions:%d", )Report(l"Number of session_count);Report(L"List of runs");For sessions (int i equals 0; at i < session_count; equals i++)session_id pSession[i].SessionId;Report(L"SessionId:%d", session_id);WTS_CONNECTSTATE_CLASS wts_connect_state = Ptr_wts_connect_state wtsdisconnected;wts_connectstate_class* = NULL;DWORD bytes_returned = 0;if implicitly (::WTSQuerySessionInformation(WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE,*ptr_wts_connect_state ID;::WTSFreeMemory(ptr_wts_connect_state);if the sessionWTSConnectState,reinterpret_cast(&ptr_wts_connect_state),&bytes_returned))wts_connect_state (wts_connect_state != Equal wtsactive)report(l"wts_connect_state !is WTSActive!Suite###");Continue;differentReport("Error in WTSQuerySessionInformation:%d: ###", Continue GetLastError());Continue;// Grab (...)Report(L"Enumeration end of session");Report(Selected "Session ID:%d", session_id);Report(L"session_id of %d", enum operator: session_id);Report(Session ID WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId: %d", dwSessionId);if (session id == -1)Report("Fatal error: Unable to get session id using these methods");returns NULL;if (!WTSQueryUserToken(session_id, &hImpersonationToken))// log errorsDWORD error equal to GetLastError();Report(L"Fatal error: WTSQueryUserToken failed for listener session id: %d", err);returns NULL;// Friendly process to get this name//LPTSTR pUserName means NULL;WCHAR* username;DWORD username = 0;if (WTSQuerySessionInformationW(WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE, session_id, WTSUserName, &pUserName, &user_name_len))// Store the username included in the pUserName string wchar character// 3 . lpszUserName = WideCharToChar(pUserName);Report(L"enum sessionid username] [after %s:",pusername);//LocalFree(lpszusername);differentError DWORD = GetLastError();Report(L"Exception in WTSQuerySessionInformation:%d! Returning null impersonation token", err);returns NULL;//Free memory bif (username) WTSFreeMemory (username);Report(L"Impersonation token returned:%d", hImpersonationToken);Returns a ChemicalPersonationToken;

    wtsqueryusertoken error

    [“Business Unit”:”ID”:”BU058″,”Label”:”IBM Infrastructure with/TPS”,”Product”:”ID”:”SSHQNF”,”Label”:”Communication Server for Windows” , “Platform”: [“code”: “PF025”, “label”: “Platform Independent”], “Version”: “613”, “Out of Business”: “code”: “LOB35”, “label”: “Mainframe Software”]

    APAR Status

  • Closed Due To Error.

  • Error Message Description

  • The implementation is displayed, you see the Windows applicationEvent log but no related problems occurredmessage:PCSLogOnHandler: not crashing WTSQueryUserToken GLE
  • Local Summary %d1008

  • wtsqueryusertoken error
    CUSTOM fix
  • AFFECTED issue: all users.DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM:See the rationalization of the above errors.DUOVERVIEW OF THE WTSQueryUserToken ISSUE:The function is recommended forgetting a loginUser addition to autorun nodesUser rights. The return code is 1008 indicating that the session is inactive or is in a photo shoot, the ID is 0.This can be ignored if a normal node starts at boot.or manually, because control is carried out during each work connected by the userin.

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