Tips For Fixing Sqlite3 Error Codes

Over the past few days, some users have reported sqlite3 error codes.

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    The sqlite_toobig error occurs when SQLite encounters a string or BLOB that exceeds the execution time or compile time limit. The SQLITE_TOOBIG error code can also be useful when an oversized SQL statement is sent to one of these sqlite3_prepare_v2()-transient interfaces.


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    many routines in the SQLite C language interface returnnumeric result codes indicating economic success or failure, andgiving which error, suggests an approximate reasonfailure. Document this attempt to explain eachthis digital ciphertext result means.

    “Codes are Errors” is a subset of “Result Related Codes”.something is long gone. There is only one SQLITE_OK without error, SQLITE_ROW resultcodes: and SQLITE_DONE. I’m going to”Integer error code means” a result code other than these three.Name=”pve”>

    result codes 32-bit signed integers.The least significant action bits of the resulting code form a broad category.and is regularly referred to as the “main result code”. Other important sections offermore details about the corresponding error and the remaining are called”extended result code”

    Note that the main result policy is still hpart of the extended policy.result code. Given that overflowing a 32-bit extended result code is the use ofone can usually find the corresponding main product code only by retrieving itlower 8 bits of extended event code. codes

    What are result codes?

    use the codes to get results, understand the current payment status. Each payment has a result code that represents its current status and the actions you should receive. You can activate the desired result code in your response.

    all results are error codes. That’s the reasonThe result “extended selection code” “extended and invalid selection code” are interchangeable.

    For historical compatibility, the C language is backprimary audio interfaces according to the lag result codes.The expanded result code can now be displayed, taking into account the last error.obtained using the sqlite3_extended_errcode() interface.You can use the sqlite3_extended_result_codes() consumer interface.connecting to the database in a mode where everything returnsextended result codes instead of main result codes.

    All result rules are integers.The symbolic names of all code results are created with a stop.The #define macro is present as a header macro in the sqlite3.h file.The headers of the sqlite3.h file have separateuliresult code definitions and detailed extended result code definitions.names

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    The symbolic results for the main coupon codes are “SQLITE_XXXXXX”, whereXXXXXX consists of normal capital letters. AdvancedThe names of the resulting programs have the status “SQLITE_XXXXXX_YYYYYYY”, where the XXXXXX partla – primary result code and communication partYYYYYYY is just an extension that uniquely classifies the resulting code.

    The existing numeric quotes for names and result codes are effectively fixed.and immutable. However, there are new computer codes, especially new extended codes.Result codes may appear in future versions of SQLite.

    Result codes from 31 defined in sqlite3.h and presumably not listed in select alphabetically below:

    74 extended influence codes also defined in sqlite3.h listed below in alphabetical order:

    meaning of all results 105The values ​​for given are given below,in numerical order.


    The result code SQLITE_OK means that the installation was successful and that, apart from that,which error was not. In most cases, multiple result codes indicate an error.


    How do I fix database disk image is malformed?

    disk image data is corrupted. This is caused by an issue with the activity cache contained in the backup and restore history. To resolve this issue, close the SQL Backup Pro GUI and clear the remote operation cache files from the computer that is running the SQL Backup Pro GUI.

    The SQLITE_ERROR event code is a general machine error code used when most likely, another slightly more specific error code will be available.


    The SQLITE_INTERNAL result code does not indicate a failure. Due to the busyness of sqlite, you should rarely see this application. result code. When the application reaches this code, it will display that there is definitely a system bug in the engine.

    Currently, SQLite does not generate this result in a code file. Options defined by the SQL application VFS virtual table or extension alternatives or may be the cause The result code returned to existence.

    (3) Result Of Sqlite_perm

    How do I get SQLite error?

    When SQLite is used literally in these threading environments, the indication function is subject to the same problems as sqlite3_errcode(). If the API call returns SQLITE_MISUSE, the fantasy device shows an application error. In this case, my result codeNo be available to sqlite3_errmsg().

    SQLITE_PERM indicates that an access mode was requested because the newly created database cannot be accessed by you.

    (4) Sqlite_abort

    sqlite3 error codes

    The SQLITE_ABORT result code indicates that the process was aborted. to completion, usually as requestfor application. See also: SQLITE_INTERRUPT.

    If the callback function for sqlite3_exec() returns a non-zero value, then generates sqlite3_exec() SQLITE_ABORT.

    When a ROLLBACK occurs in a database connection, similar to pending read or write, pending read or write may be erroneous SQLITE_ABORT on or SQLITE_ABORT_ROLLBACK failed.

    In addition to the fact that the code is the result, The SQLITE_ABORT value is also used as the conflict resolution mode. came from the sqlite3_vtab_on_conflict() interface. Sqlite_busy

    sqlite3 error codes

    (5) The SQLITE_BUSY result pin indicates that the database file is probably not written (or read in some cases) due to simultaneous physical movement another connection to the database, usually a link to the database website in separate process.

    Example: Job A is in the middle of a large record transaction. or at the same time process B tries to start a new allocation operation, Process B will return SQLITE_BUSY as only SQLite supports it. the writer is worried for a moment. Process B might have towait for process A to finish. your transaction before starting a new transaction. in sqlite3_busy_timeout() and sqlite3_busy_handler() are connected and The busy_timeout pragma is available to process B to support this activity type. Some with SQLITE_BUSY errors.

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