Troubleshooting Tips Rswebapplication.config Not Found

Over the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known error code that caused the rswebapplication.config file to not be found. This issue can occur due to a number of factors. Now let’s discuss some of them.

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    Information about Reporting Services components in the registry and speed configuration files,mapped the file system during installation. Configuration files contain a combination of internal use only and user-defined values. Custom values ​​can be obtained using the installation, configuration, and command line utilities, and can and can also be created by manually editing the configuration files.

    Where can I find Rsreportserver config?

    On the Windows machine where you measured, look for ssrs, rsreportserver. manual configuration file. The default location is FilesMicrosoft c:program ServerReportingServicesInstanceReporting sql ServicesReportServerrsreportserver. configuration

    Editing the file configuration is only necessary when setting new options or adding options. The settings in the configuration are mostly specified based on the XML attributes of the element or . If you understand XML and configuration images, you can use a text directive or an editor to change the time so it’s configurable. For more information about editing the configuration file or how Document Server reads new and updated theme settings, see Editing the Report Configuration Service File (RSreportserver.config).

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    Configuration File Summary (Native Mode)

  • Summary of configuration files (Sharepoint modeepoint)

  • Summary Of Record Configuration Data (native Tracking Mode)

    The table provides a detailed description of where configuration settings are stored. Most of the configuration settings are saved when it comes to the configuration files provided by the reporting service. By default, the system directory looks like this:

    How do I open Reporting Services Configuration Manager?

    Required Server Reporting Configuration Manager. Click Start, then Programs, Microsoft then SQL Server, then Configuration Tools, then Report Server Configuration Manager.

    Installation pathsC:Program FilesMicrosoft, such as ServerMSRSxx sql.MSSQLSERVER (where xx is the number of the SQL plan ms) WhereC:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server ServicesSSRS reporting according to SSRS readabilitydatatable="1">Registered version



    Description Location
    RSReportServer.config Stores the configuration settings for the Reporting Service domains: Dispatcher Host Server or Report Web Site, Report Server Web Service, and therefore background processing. More detailed information about individual settings can be found in RsReportServer configuration file see.config. Reporting ServicesReportServer
    RSSrvPolicy.Configuration stores password-protected access policies for host server extensionsnga. For more information about this process file, see the Service Security Policy File Usage reports. Reporting ServicesReportServer
    RSMgrPolicy.Configuration stores the security policies for accessing the web portal code. For more information about this file, see Using Reporting Services Security Policy Files. Reporting ServicesReportManager
    web. To configure the Reporting Web Services server Contains only those settings that ASP.NET may require. Reporting ServicesReportServer
    Web.config for report manager Contains only the settings for ASP standalone .NET applicable to SSRS of the current version. Reporting ServicesReportManager
    ReportingServicesService.exe.Configs stores build settings that define trace ranges and the Report Server service for logging settings. For more information about the elements of this file, see ReportingServicesService File. Store reports>reportserverbin
    Settings state configRations and other settings used by uninstallation for Reporting Services. If you are troubleshooting a specific or problematic configuration issue that you are installing, you should review these settings for information and facts about how a report server is typically configured.
    rswebapplication.config not found

    Do not modify these methods directly as this may invalidate our installation.


    hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoft SQL ServerSetup

    – –

    How do I configure Reporting Services in Configuration Manager 2016?

    Launch an amazon EC2 instance with the appropriate AMI.Go to Services. console msc.Services youSelect SQL Server Reporting (MSSQLSERVER).Open SSMS.youleave server name authentication and merge with their default settings.Select Connect. run

    and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL ServerServicesReportServer

    RSReportDesigner.config Saves report configurations for Designer. See RSReportDesigner configuration file for more information. :Program FilesVisual Studiomicrosoft 10Common7IDEPrivateAssemblies.
    RSPreviewPolicy.config Stores the security style access policies for node extensions used when viewing a preview report. For more information about this file, see Using Reporting Security Policy File Services. C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0Common7IDEPrivateAssembliesr

    The following product table describes the configuration of theapok, for used server Feel in SharePoint mode. Most configurations are settings in which SharePoint Data Service Application databases are managed. For more information, see SharePoint Services reporting and .Is


    By default, my installation directory for East sharepoint mode is as followsC:ProgramsCommon way:

    How do I modify a Reporting Services Configuration file?

    Find the configuration file we want to change:Save copies of the file in case someone needs to undo someone else’s changes.Open the source file in Notepad or a code editor.enter or the value you are using or want to add.Save the most important file.

    Path SharedWeb FilesMicrosoft Server Extensions15WebServicesReporting

    for more information.

    Saved in: Description Location
    RSReportServer.config Stores settings for functional areas created by the reporting service: Report Manager Server or Web Portal, Report Server Web Service, and background development. See config file See rsreportserver.config for more information about customization . Reporting ServicesReportServer
    RSSrvPolicy.config Stores the service policy code for server extension security. For more information about this file, see Using Reporting Services Security Policy Files. Reporting ServicesReportServer
    Web.config ce for Report Server Web Service only contains customizations required by, if applicable SSRS, for our own version. Reporting ServicesReportServer
    Register store settings configuration state and other settings used by messages for about uninstall services. Also saves ideas for reporting on individual service products and service applications.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEMicrosoft SQL software microsoft server Setup

    Example Instance ID: MSSQL13.MSSQLSERVER

    – and Hkey_local_machinesoftware microsoft Microsoft SQL ServerReporting ServicesService Applications

    RSReportDesigner.config Stores the Designer report configuration settings for. See RSReportDesigner configuration file.Files :programmicrosoft visual Studio tenCommon7IDEPrivateAssemblies.

    See See Also

    rswebapplication.config not found

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    rsconfig utility (SSRS)
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  • In previous versions, Report Manager had its own configuration file named RSWebApplication.config. This file is currently out of date. If you’ve upgraded from an installation, the previous non-file will only be deleted, but the page server won’t read ring settings either. file If it exists on your computer, you must delete it. In SQL Server 2008 and later, all manager and web portal reporting configuration settings remain hidden and are read from the RSReportServer.config file. To view a list of settings removed or see

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