How To Fix Asm Installation On Windows?

Here are some simple ways that can help you fix the asm installation problem on Windows.

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    Select the appropriate option for the installation you are interested in.Select the appropriate installation option.Select your preferred language.Select the location of the Oracle database and software application.Done once.

    Setting Up Automatic Storage Management

    This automatically shows how storage management (ASM) can be implemented on a small scale (as an exercise in trust) fortification. Name=”t”>

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    Automated Storage Management (ASM) provides vertical integration with a file system using a sound manager designed specifically for Oracle database files. This example shows how to fine-tune ASM for each individual database instance.

    Use one of our Database Configuration Assistants (DBCAs) to set up ASM, which includes creating and running ASM, and instantiating any volumes in a group with two “volumes”. Then test the installation by making sure:

  • All relevant Windows services will be started
  • You can test+ASM instance in SQL*Plus
  • You can use your Asm setup to create a specific tablespace and table with a row in an ORCL instance.
  • Enterprise Manager can display information about the asm instance. To do this, you modify Enterprise Manager using the Enterprise Configuration Manager (emca) wizard. Finally, test the newly configured Enterprise Manager database console.

    Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) is an integrated file system and volume advisor designed specifically for Oracle database files. Oracle ASM provides direct I / O capabilities with ease of lodge system administration.

    Note. This guide is a prerequisite for the Disk Group Management tutorial for automatic disk space management.

    Your database server also does not have an ASM instance running. They decide to make an album as good as the band’s record. An empty “drives” group used in existing 196 MB raw partitions. Before a disk can be practiced in a disk group, its h2 tags must be stamped. Then your entire family decides to create an exploratory tablespace in SQL*Plus to confirm that someone has access to the +ASM situation. You want to use Enterprise Manager as well as the management appliance toASM, so you need to reconfigure it.

    Installing ASM requires another raw, non-additional formatting partition. This tutorial uses partitions G, I h, and J of 196 MB each.

    Currently, set the default Oracle_home environment variable to normal home with ASM installed. EXPORT ORACLE_HOME = / up1 / grid / 12.2.0 / dbhome_1.Log in with sqlplus. SQLPLUS / if sysasm.Start an instance of Oracle ASM. SQL> START.Check the location of the spfile or enter it differently.

    Note. Partitioning a drive is the most delicate process and should only be performed by trained system administrators. Refer to the Oracle 10g Database Data Installation Guide, Release 2 (10.2) for Microsoft Windows for more information on preparing in the Auto Storage Management Configuration Disk forums.

    To create an ASM instance and disk group using De dbca, Follow these steps:

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    To start a SQL*Plus session, select Start > Programs > Oracle – OraDb10g_home1 > Migration Tools and Settings > Database Tuning Assistant.

    Use automatic memory management.Migration of the database to ASM.Recommendations for preparation for storage.Improvements to Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) in Oracle Database 11g version 1.

    DBCA launches its GUI.

    How do I manually mount ASM disk?

    The volume group percentage is not stored in any sequential structure, but the current value can be displayed in the GROUP_NUMBER column of the V$ASM views. If one wants to manually mount or unmount disk groups, use the DISKGROUP alter MOUNT DISKGROUP or alter DISMOUNT statement.

    installing asm in windows

    Click “Next” on the welcome page.


    Select “Set up automatic memory management” and click “Next”.

    installing asm in windows


    Data Wizard: Alert Settings window notifies the public of your next steps.


    Record the route. They will likely see a different route depending on their Oracle home value estimate.

    Open a command prompt window and enter the following command with some path to the previous window:

    e:oracleora10gbinlocalconfig consists of

    After the CSS service is added to part of the file, just click the icon in the close of the entire upper right side of the window to close the control window.

    How do I create ASM disk in Windows?

    Open a command prompt window and create “diskpart”. definitely This brings us to the command sequence tool for diskpart to partition disks. Issue the “list disk” command to list the data of all disks. Run the “select disk ” command to select a disk, then create an extended partition, then create a large partition; as shown in this screenshot.

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