What Causes Dll Registration In Windows 7 And How To Fix It

If you see how to write a Windows 7 dll error code on your computer, be sure to check out these troubleshooting tips.

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    Type regsvr32 name.dll at the command prompt (run in elevated mode!) And press Enter as well. Note that name.dll should be replaced with the name of the DLL you want to register. If you want to register the iexplore.dll file, enter regsvr32 iexplore.dll.

    click Start > All Programs > Accessories, right click “Command Prompt” and select “Run as Administrator” OR just type CMD in the search box, if cmd.exe also appears in the results, right click click on cmd .select exe and Administrator “Run as” When command type “motivate”: REGSVR32 “DLL FILE PATH”


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    how to reg dll in windows 7

    To add april Files dll to the system registry, our team must do the following:

    Step 1:

    First step to register/add DLL files in Windows 7. See Start, then Run.

    Enter >

    The regsvr32 step is now in column above.3:


    Step the filename into the DLL you want to include in the main registry.

    For example;

    Step 4:

    Now click AND OK, the audience should get a confirmation message that the dll was successfully registered.

    how to reg dll in windows 7

    This! now your DLL has recently been successfully registered and can be easily used by Windows programs.


    Note. There is a triallema with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows Box systems. So if we want to add dll files to 64-bit windows, we need to run the cmd command by right-clicking cmd and opening the “Run as administrator” option after adding the dll file name we know you want add to the system registry.
    If you’re still unable to register the DLL and are getting an even louder error message that the attempt to register the DLL failed, someone might want to use the UAC (User Control) account in the deactivation window.< /p>

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