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    Configure Memory Management

    This tutorial shows how automated storage management (ASM) can be implemented on a small scale (another trust building exercise).

    onmouseover=”showAllImages()” src=”images/view_image.gif”> color=”#ff0000″ face=”Arial, Helvetica sans serif” >Hover over this well-known download and view all screenshots from this guide. (Warning: this action actually downloads all the screenshots at the same time, the response time can be like a turtle depending on your internet connection .)

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    Note. You can also place a specific cursor on a single icon and follow the steps below to load only the screenshot that is fully associated with the step it is in that view. You can hide screenshots individually by clicking on them.

    Automatic storage management offers vertical (asm) integration of the human file body and a volume manager specifically designed for the Oracle File Collection. In this The example shows how to configure as ASM for individual database events.

    Use the Database Configuration Assistant (dbca) for ASM, which sets up and creates the ASM example, and creates a volume group with two “volumes”. Then test my installation by confirming:

  • All related Windows services will be started
  • Can you

  • query +ASM time in SQL*Plus
  • You can also

  • use your ASM installation by getting the tablespace and counter with a string in an ORCL instance
  • Enterprise Manager can display information about the ASM instance. To do this, you need to modify the Enterprise Manager using this specific Enterprise Manager Assistant (emca) configuration. test Finally, the new database manager console configured for the enterprise.

    Note. This guide may be a prerequisite for the Disk Management Groups guide for automatic disk space management.

    There are no instances running asm on your trusted database server. You have decided to expand one and a group of disks. disks The group operates using “disks” in the form of existing raw wall structures with a size of 196 MB. Before a file can be used in a CD/DVD group, its header must appear in the buffer. You then decide to extend the test tablespace to sql* and confirm that you have access to provide them access to the +ASM instance. You also really want to use Enterprise Manager as your own management tool for ASM, so you need to reconfigure it.Install

    in ASM if you want to have one or more “raw” unformatted wall membranes. In this guide, delimiters are used for G, H, I, and J, each 196 MB in size.

    Note. Partitioning a disk is an important operation that should only be performed by experienced system administrators. For more information about preparing disks for groups and installing automatic storage management, see the 10g oracle Release a some (10.2) Database Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows.

    To instantiate ASM and disk group for DBCA, Follow these steps:

    free download transtool paradox 9 runtime full version with crack

    To start a SQL*Plus session, select Start > Programs > -oracle OraDb10g_home1 > Configuration and Migration Tools > Database Configuration Wizard.

    free download transtool paradox 9 runtime full version with crack

    DBCA launches GUI interface.



    Click “Next” next to the welcome page.

    Select Configure Storage Management and click Next.


    Database Configuration Wizard: A window informing you with a warning about the last steps.

    Write down the appropriate path. Depending on the value of your Oracle asset, you may see a number of paths.

    Open the direction window and immediately enter the command using the path from the previous window:



    Once a specific CSS service has been added to the batch file, click on the close icon in the top right corner of the window to close the command window.

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