Troubleshooting The DNS Error 4004 Event

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    Recently, some users have encountered the well-known dns 4004 error message. This problem can occur due to many reasons. Let’s discuss this below. This DNS server uses Active Directory information for this zone and ultimately cannot load the zone without it. Make sure Active Directory is working correctly, but re-number the zone.

    The DNS server was unable to complete enumeration of the directory-like service, zone %1. This DNS server is configured to only use the information provided by Active Directory for this zone, and cannot load the partition without it.

    dns error event 4004

    Event ID 4004 – Active Directory DNS Server Integration

    You can configure the DNS Server service to use Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to store sector data. This allows the DNS server to rely on free information for replication, which improves security, consistency, simplicity, and administration.

    A source:
    Symbolic name:
    Windows operating system
    The Internet DNS server could not complete enumeration of the zone directory program %1. This DNS server is configured to use Active Directory information about this zone and will not load the zone without it. Verify that Active Directory is working correctly and repeat the enumeration for the LA zone. Extended error debugging information can (which is empty) be ‘%2’. Data Event contains my error.

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    Troubleshoot AD DS and restart all DNS server services

    DNS server products and services use the AD site name DS) (ad to store and retrieve hints for DS-integrated AD zones. This error indicates that the advertisement is not responding to queries from the company’s DNS server. Verify that AD DS services are working correctly,Fix the problems, and then re-enable the DNS Server service.

    For AD Active DS troubleshooting tips, see Troubleshooting Topics (

    You must be an administrator or have appropriate authority to perform this family procedure.

    1. On a DNS machine, start Server Manager. To start Server Manager, click Administrative Tools, Start, and then Server Manager.
    2. In the current tree, expand the “Roles”, “DNS” and “Servers” consoles, then “DNS”.
    3. Right click on it select dns server, “All Tasks”, then click “Restart”.

    If the problem is resolved, do not restart the computer and then use Server Manager to verify that the Server A dns service is running. About the Start program,

  • click then click the arrow next to the lock button, then click Reload.
    1. On the DNS server manager, start the servers.
    2. In the console tree, expand “Roles” and “DNS servers” click.

    How do I fix DNS in Active Directory?

    At the -v command prompt, type netdiag.fix all dns errors in netdiag. log file for you before continuing.make sure DNS is configured correctly.

    System Services shows the created status of the DNS Server service.

    Make sure the identifiersevents and 4523 4524 are logged and that in presentations the range from 4000 to 4019 is displayed in the non-DNS (Domain Name System) event log.

    DNS Server Integration with Active Directory

    What is a DNS event?

    DNS server management events include tracking changes on that DNS server. An audit event is typically logged whenever the settings for a server entry, or resource zone, are changed. This includes operational events such as updates, critical zone transfers, and the signing and unsigning of DNSSEC locations.

    DNS infrastructure

    Event ID 4000 – The DNS server was unable to open Active Directory.

    Event ID 4004 – DNS The node failed to enumerate directory help for zone %1

    Event ID 4015 – The DNS server also encountered a critical Active Directory error

    dns error event 4004

    Symptom: specific person. Do you have a windows server acting as a DNS server? in Event viewing projection screens Event ID four thousand – The The DNS server was unable to break through Active Directory. DNS is usually the server configured to receive and use information from the database for this zone and can’t zone them without complaining. Check Active Directory Works and the area loads correctly. Event data – error this is Code .

    2.If you have a Windows server, the DNS server works there. in viewer Tool withGenesis Shows Event ID 4004 – DNS Server Nearly Shut Down Directory service enumeration %1 location. This one is customized Go dns server with Active Directory information for this zone and cannot load the entire area without them. Make sure the exact Active Directory is running and correct, repeat the enumeration of the area. Data contains Error .

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