Solution For Connection Failure Due To Pidgin Notification Server Read Error

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    If your PC is showing a connection error due to Notification Server Read Error, check out these troubleshooting ideas.

    [Previous in the list] [Next in the list] [Previous in the chain] [Next back in the chain]List: Pidgin trackerSubject: [Pidgin] re: #15125: Connection failed due to read errorFrom: notification server: "Pidgin" Date: 18:17:18Post ID 2012-05-25: 040.e1393025feb0b055432b27f2d3f47bcb() pidgin! I[Download RAW message or text]#15125: General error when connecting from server: notification read error---------------------+---------------------- - --------- ------------- Journalist: ---------- - --------- ---- Package | Owner: QuLogic     Type: tasks | Condition: NewMilestone: | Component: MSN  Version: 2.10.4 | keywords: resolution: |---------------------+---------------------- - --------- ------------- ------------- - --------- --Changes (from QuLogic): Cc [email protected] * (deleted) Copy: * Datalla (added)A comment: This is another error:  (13:35:28) msn: servconn thousands of read errors, len: 0, errno: pair, error: No File or such maybe a directory  Is this what happens in Windows datala?--Ticket URL: Pidgin sabir________________________________________________tracking mailing [email protected]://[Previous in the list] [Nextin th list [Full previous] in chain] [Next link in chain]

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